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An adult listens to a teen talking to them from a couch.

Just what do school counselors do and how can they help your student?

The mission of our counseling program is to provide a developmentally appropriate, multi-tiered, proactive, and responsive program that creates a safe, welcoming, and caring environment for our students. We help support social-emotional, academic, and career growth. Counselors advocate for equity and access to maximize the full potential of every student. 

Through collaboration with our school community, we hope to provide a program that supports our students both now and beyond their elementary years as they grow into productive, empathetic citizens. Our counselors are able to help students and families with a variety of needs.

All school counselors:

  • Counsel students individually or in group settings.
  • Counsel students on career planning and goals.
  • Develop a guidance plan based on campus needs.
  • Respond to student needs in crisis situations.
  • Orient students to new school settings.
  • Work with absentees and at-risk students.
  • Refer students to special programs and/or services when necessary.
  • Conduct conferences with parents and teachers.
  • Analyze test results to provide information about abilities and achievement.

School counselors also perform additional duties and are always available to assist students and families in a variety of ways. Please feel free to contact your student’s counselor today to find out how they can best assist your student in their educational needs.

Meet our Counselors

Jordan Rayburn