Morning Gathering

The goal of Morning Gathering is to create a unified school community, share important information, and reward students for exemplary performance and behavior.  Our teaching staff strongly supports this welcoming activity to help bring a sense of community to our school. When students feel they are a part of something bigger, and that they can depend on a solid support system of parents, staff, and peers, they can be more successful socially and academically.

Students enter the school either through the gym doors or the cafeteria doors after crossing the playground from the back-parking lot drop off area.  Buses will continue to drop off by the gym. Parents please do not park or drop off on Delight; the traffic from our several buses makes it unsafe for students and staff.  Please go to the back parking lot, unless you are walking your child to school. 

Students may enter for breakfast at 8:55 (as usual).

Students not eating breakfast may enter the gym at 9:10

Students are expected to come in and be seated in their class area, with their belongings.  They may visit with peers, use the restroom, and settle in calmly to begin the morning.  They will be asked not to get up and walk around or rough-house in the gym, we will begin promptly.  Parents please say your good-byes before students enter the gym, just as if they were entering a classroom.  Please see the video for an example of what happens during Morning Gathering.