Negative Lunch Balances Paid by Generous Donors!
Two generous donors, Terry Nicolson Berry and Vivian Brown have made donations to be used for some of Cummings Elementary School’s student meal negative balance accounts. Support from our community members helps keep our schools thriving. It has been such a gift for the school and students receiving this kindness!

Dress Code
With rising spring temperatures please make sure that your student wears appropriate clothing for school. Tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps do not meet district dress code. Shoes appropriate for PE and running club should be worn every day. Flip-flops or sandals that fall off children’s feet are not safe.

Fidget Spinner Policy
Here is our new policy on fidget spinners:
Unless the fidget spinner is used as a focus or sensory device identified to meet the need of a student by their case manager, it will be considered a toy. Students, on first warning, can return it to their backpack where it will stay until dismissal, then stay home thereafter. On second warning teacher can take it and turn it into the office where it will be stored until parents pick it up. Additionally, the office will not call parents to pick up the spinners, the teacher or child can communicate that information to parents.