All Volunteers, We are having a Volunteer Training on Tuesday, September 26 at 2:45 in the Library. If you are or plan on volunteering at Cummings this year, it is strongly recommended that you attend this training.

Our first PTC meeting of the year will be on Thursday, September 28 at 6pm in the Library. We have an all new amazing PTC board this year that have many fresh and exciting ideas for our student and staff communities this year. Please join us!

What is the Cummings School PTC?

The PTC is a club for parents, teachers and staff members of Cummings School. It’s purpose is to:

  • Establish communication between the parents, staff and community.
  • Support school activities that will enhance the academic achievement of our students through volunteer work and fundraising.
  • Build school-parent partnerships that promote success for all students.