My name is Magda Romero and I feel very fortunate to have been chosen as the next principal of Cummings Elementary School. Over the last few weeks, I have been spending time at Cummings getting to know the building, the PTC, and the wonderful staff. I have learned that Cummings is a place where strong connections are made between home and school and that it is also a place where all staff members are committed to helping your child Succeed Every Day! I value both of these characteristics and am excited to help continue moving Cummings along the path of excellence.

I attended the same school district from kindergarten to graduation and like Cummings; I know how important community is.  Although, my schooling was not in Keizer, I did spend a lot of time here as a child.  I attended Chemeketa Community College and Portland State University, where I received my masters in special education.  Like all educators, learning does not stop after a degree.  I returned to PSU for my administrative license and continue to improve my craft every year.  I have been in education for more than 20 years, as an office manager, and instructional assistant and a teacher.  These experiences have given me a solid understanding of what elementary students need in order to be prepared and successful in middle school, high school and life beyond their K-12 education.

My family has also helped prepare me to be an elementary principal. My patient husband works for Salem-Keizer school district.  We have three funny children, ages 18, 14, and 6.  We enjoy spending time together.  We believe that family makes us stronger.

For me, the first day of school can’t get here fast enough, as I am very eager to get to know all of you and your wonderful child(ren). I believe that one of the most important aspects of my work as Principal of Cummings Elementary is building meaningful relationships with students, families and teachers as well as with the greater Cummings Learning Community. This being said, it will be very important for me to be in the hallways, classrooms, on the playground and in the lunchroom getting to know your child(ren) throughout the year. I have found that kids really appreciate a person who genuinely invests in them by listening, by learning alongside and by being fair and consistent. In addition to building strong relationships with students, families and teachers it will be particularly important for me to make sure that you and your child feel safe and respected at our school. If you ever have a concern, please do not hesitate to call the main office or email me. I believe open communication is very important in a school and for this reason, I will always encourage you reach out to your child’s teacher, to a member of the office staff or to me with any questions you may have.

At Cummings, we have many things to be proud of and I look forward to team building.  Please be on the lookout for information about our back to school event. I look forward to meeting you and thank you in advance for welcoming me into this amazing learning community! Let’s keep our kids reading, writing and problem-solving throughout the summer!

Have a great summer and see you in September!

Magda Romero